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One Does Not Simply

One does not simply create a skate meme, they must become the meme. Dane Webber of Loaded Boards becomes this adaptation of the popular Boromir meme. Reminding you to not simply just ride the skateboard, but to absolutely shred it.

Most Interesting Man

He doesn’t show up on social media skating often, but when he does it’s creative and technical, and you know exactly who he his simply from his unmistakable style and balance. The ever illusive Adam Stokowski of Loaded Boards becomes the most interesting man in the world simply because, he might very well be.

Condescending Wonka

Dustin Hampton of Comet Boards / Orangatang Wheels is not new to the game. He’s seen riders and trends come and go like kids go through candy. While Dustin is anything but condescending, after close to a decade in the game, he’s definitely earned his right to be. Thus, Dusty embodies, Condescending Wonka.

Brace Yourself

Dane Webber of Loaded Boards / Paris Trucks has seen his fare share of the longboard industry. From roving hoards of gear hungry groms, to two consecutive 1st place finishes at Central Mass, he knows when a storms a’brewin. Brace yourselves, a tide of longskate memes are coming.


The skate industry sees some pretty weird shizz sometimes. From blinged out spinner skate wheels, to Taranchula Trucks (Google that…), this is why Griffen Gravel of Loaded Boards agreed to play the role of that “Aliens” guy… because he believes that some things in this industry are just about as out there as extraterrestrials…

Am I The Only One

Justin Malpica of Remember Collective has been in it for a minute, and came up skating with the same class of guys who are now running the longskate show. And while new generations cycle into the scene and things change, it makes him wonder from time to time, if he’s the only one left who gives a hoot about the rules. Mark it zero dude… next frame.

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