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Landyachtz Snow Skate

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About Landyachtz Snow Skate

Of course snowboards are a ton of fun for those who have the privilege of hilly/mountainous covered in powder during the colder months, but of more recent years, with the growing popularity of street skateboarding, many companies have attempted to make snow skateboards. Many of them were very impressive. Honestly, they weren't much more than a plain street deck with added traction for grip. They were slow, sunk into the snow, and vert or old school tricks were out of the question. They simply didn't have the correct build to function in snow. Luckily for us, Landyachtz has perfected the snow skateboard, appropriately named the Snow Skate. The Snow Skate combines the nimbleness of a skateboard, but eliminates all the weight of a snowboard, allowing for a combination of snowboard and skateboard characteristics. The LY Snow Skate opens up a ton of options when it comes to winter board sports. Bomb hills, tear up mountains, skate snow-laden skate parks or whatever else you find skate-able during the snowy seasons

LY SNOW at Big White

Skateboarding Finally meets Snowboarding

Since the dawn of time, man (and woman), has tried to invent ways to emulate skateboarding in the snow. It was in the 1960s when the first true snowboard was invented. A few years later, snowboards were ridden with bindings, boots, and everything that much more resembles what we think of as snowboards today. But it wasn't until now, have the two sports have essentially combined in there truest form. The Snow Skate idea by Landyachtz involves the combination of a small snowboard underneath and more weatherproof deck on top with a few bells and whistles in between

So what is a Snow Skate?

A snowboard turns by putting different amounts of pressure/weight on the edges of the board allowing to turn as smoothly or as sharply as you want. Traditional snowboards get a lot drive out of the back foot. A traditional skateboard also uses a very similar concept, but the pressure is directed towards the trucks. It is essentially the trucks that are making the board move - in other words, it isn't the board itself that is allowing you to turn. The LY Snow Skate combines the basic snowboard and skateboard design (with some tweaks),

How does it work then?

As mentioned the Snow Skate combines the turning mechanism of a skateboard and snowboard in one, amazingly fun setup. In between the snowboard and skateboard platforms are two single pivot truck mechanisms. As you apply pressure to the trucks towards a direction, the snowboard below then initiates the turn. So at the same time, while you are applying pressure on the skateboard platform, and applying pressure to the trucks, you are then applying edge-to-edge pressure on the snowboard beneath. This gives you the turn of a snowboard on the bottom, with the top design of skateboard allowing for the tricks you more commonly see on skateboards or longboards (but in the snow!)


The LY Snow Skate is currently offered in 3 different models. The Sunrise and Green Mountain models are the same sizes, just differnt aesthetic features. The Hollowtech Blue Mountain, on the other hand, has quite a few differences. It has a slightly slimmer and shorter skateboard platform on top. The sub deck (aka snowboard on the bottom) of the Hollowtech Blue Mountain is also slightly shorter and slimmer. The Hollowtech Blue Mountain is comprised of bamboo, topped with fiberglass, while the other two are maple. The overall design differences in the Hollowtech Blue allows for more aggression and reduces some weight from the entire setup for some better pop.

More Options!

If your head hasn't exploded yet, there's more options. All 3 of the snowskates offer different truck bases (instead of wheel base used in longboard terminology) options, with the center position having a truck base of 16 inches. And....assuming your head is still in tact.. there is more.. the trucks in between the two setups, can actually be flipped. With the heavier portions of the trucks on top of the sub deck, the bottom will flex less. With the heavier portion directly attached to the bottom of the skateboard deck, the sub deck will have less weight on it giving it some more flex. Flex will allow for a bit more pop, but won't be as stable. Try a combination of truck base orientations for your riding style. Have fun!

Gotcha on a leash!

With a snowboard, there is never any worry that your board is going to get away from you... it's strapped to your feet! For those who ride skateboards and longboards, we all know that feeling when board takes off without you, and while the results and damage to your board may not be good, it usually doesn't mean the end of the world. But now imagine if your snowboard didn't have bindings.. your board could slide down a mountain for a long time! The same would be true with Landyachtz Snow Skate, except instead of bindings you have a leash that you attach to sturdier clothing parts (not a belt loop as it it will rip over time! Your actually belt would be a better option for example). This leash will make sure your board doesn't get away from any bails or simply when you step off your deck


  • Length: Blue 33", Sunrise and Green 35"
  • Width: Blue 9.5", Green and Sunrise 9.75"
  • Truck Base: 16" with different truck base options
  • Concave: Mild
  • Nose / Tail: Yes / Yes
  • Rocker / Camber: No / No
  • Construction: Maple for the Green and Sunrise, Bamboo and Fiberglass for the Blue
  • Special Features: Exceeds any another snow skateboards out there. 3 options, inclduing the Hollowtech Blue Moutain which includes few extra component features

Additional Information

Manufacturer Landyachtz
Set Product as New from Date Dec 1, 2016
Set Product as New to Date Feb 28, 2017
Grip Included Yes
Concave No
Deck Construction Maple 7 Plys
Deck Width 9.75"
Truck Width No
Flex No
Length 35"
Camber No

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