Loaded "The Algernon" Snowboard

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Loaded "The Algernon" Snowboard

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About Loaded "The Algernon" Snowboard

Loaded Boards has jumped into the snowboard game with there first snowboard, the Algernon. As anyone who has seen, ridden, or knows anything about Loaded's longboards, they know corners are never cut. Loaded uses the best materials and pushes the envelope with innovation in their construction, functionality, and overall design. Loaded took their time to make sure their first snowboard was as immaculate as every longboard they have manufactured. Thoroughly tested, the Algernon will not disappoint!

No such thing as too much bamboo

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced rider hitting the black diamonds, rushing down the slopes with the Algernon will create a unique riding experience unlike any other board. With nearly the whole board is made out of bamboo, riders get a snappy return coming in and out of carves. The bamboo has amazing rebound and reduces the overall weight of the board. With the dampening effect of the bamboo, irregularities throughout the course will feel like nothing.

Additionally, the footbeds are reinforced with cork for additional dampening as well as cushioning during hard landings.

Rockin the Stache

Hipsters and your creepy looking uncle aren't the only ones styling mustaches. The Algernon features a mustache camber. A mustache camber features reverse camber (aka rocker) in the middle of the board with traditional camber at the at the ends below your feet. The rocker in the middle rocker allows for more solid presses on boxes and rails, while the camber at the ends allows for more pop coming out of turns.

When hitting the slopes, the combination of rocker in the middle and camber below your bindings, will actually remind you very much of a Loaded Skateboard. Rocker in the middle allows for quicker, sharp turns, while the camber at the ends provide some of the advantages of a fully cambered board such as some extra stability and rebound coming out of turns.

Twin and Directional

With it's unique shape, the Algernon is both twin AND directional, giving you the possibility of not only shredding the mountain terrain, but also hitting the park terrain. Even with it's directional shape, the stance is twin so even when you ride switch, you will not notice any difference in your stance.

As mentioned the twin stance allows for great park tricks, while the directional shape also always for excellent all-mountain riding. Also included are extra binding inserts for a very setback stance, keeping less weight off the nose, showing that powder who's boss!


  • Length: 150cm // 154cm // 157cm // 160w cm
  • Base: Sintered UHMW
  • Boot Sizes: 5.5-8 mens, 7-9 womens // 7-9 mens, 8.5-11 womens // 8-10.5 mens // 10-13 mens
  • Weight: 100-160lbs // 120-190lbs // 140-200lbs // 160-240lbs (45-72kg // 54-86kgs // 63-91kgs // 72-109kgs)
  • Height: 5’-5’6” // 5’2”-5’7” // 5’3”-6-2” // 5’6”-6’5”
  • Contact Length: 97mm // 99mm // 102mm // 104mm
  • Rocker: Middle rocker for longer contact length allowing for snappy turns, great for parks.
  • Camber: Camber at the ends of the board
  • Construction: Bamboo throughout, cork underfoot, stainless steel edges, UHMW base
  • Special Features: Everything you would expect from a Loaded Board. The rocker/camber combo with the directional shape with twin mounting holes makes this board great for all riding styles.
SIZE (cm) 150 154 157 160w
CONTACT LENGTH (cm) 97 99 102 104
TIP LENGTH (cm) 17.5 18 18 18.5
TAIL LENGTH (cm) 15 15.5 15.5 15.5
TIP & TAIL WIDTH (cm) 28 28.5 29 30.5
WAIST WIDTH (cm) 23.8 24.4 25 26.2
SIDECUT RADIUS (M) 8.11 8.28 8.5 8.69
EFFECTIVE EDGE (cm) 118 120 123 126
CENTERED STANCE (cm) 51.5 51.5 54 57
SETBACK (cm) 0 0 0 0
POWDER SETBACK (cm) 32 32 32 32

Additional Information

Manufacturer Loaded
Set Product as New from Date Jan 1, 2017
Set Product as New to Date Feb 28, 2017
Grip Included No
Concave No
Deck Construction Bamboo
Deck Width 8" - Blue Legs
Truck Width No
Flex No
Camber Mustache Camber

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