Product Thrash: Fireball Scorch Wheels

published at May 3, 2017 | Posted by Chris Ochoa
Look into Fireball's newest wheel: the Scorch.... More

Stoked School: Cult Creator Wheel Review

published at Apr 22, 2015 | Posted by William Bean
Welcome to Stoked School. Episode Cult Creator. This wheel is everything freeride. You need a set. Now. ... More

Stoked School: RAD Glide Wheel Review

published at Dec 30, 2014 | Posted by William Bean and Aero Media
William Bean tells all on the RAD Glide wheels in all three durometers: white 78a, red 80a, and blue 82a. Get STOKED on this Stoked School wheel review!... More

Product Thrash: These Wheels 727 Formula

published at Oct 31, 2014
These wheels are manufactured by Skate One Corp, which has been known for years in the skateboarding industry for their park and pool skateboard wheels. The longboard oriented 727 formula is a super buttery, 78a urethane that feels great at any speed. It isn't what most people would call an icy type of slide at all, it has a softer feel which helps you feel a lot more confident charging into big s... More

Product Thrash: Volante Checkers

published at Oct 31, 2014 | Posted by John Lauer
The Checker was designed by volante to be the ultimate freeriding wheel. They do not come broken in, are 68mm tall and have a contact patch of 33.5mm. The urethane has very slidy characteristics, and the wheel has a centerset core. This lets the wheel to have a sweet wear pattern and allows the rider to flip the wheels around if they start to cone. Out of the box, these wheels come un-broken in. A... More
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