Product Thrash: Rayne Supreme
Published at Oct 28, 2014 | Posted by Ryan Maffioli

Product Thrash: Rayne Supreme

Words by Ryan Maffioli – Stoked Expeditionist Extraordinaire

The Cold Hard Facts:

Length: 42.5 inches
Width: 10 inches
Wheelbase(s): 30inches, 31 inches
Construction: Bamboo + fiberglass
Concave: 0.6? “Mean Cave” + 5/8 Radial Drop
Kicktail Length: 3.5?
Weight: 4.21 pounds


To start with, I’d like to address my favorite aspect of the Rayne Supreme, the concave. Few people know that the Supreme, and its baby brother the Rival, are both pressed in the same mold as the Amazon. During my personal time spent in the longboard world, I have easily stepped on/ridden 100+ boards, and I can say that by far, the Supreme has the greatest concave I have ever ridden. The 5/8 radial drops are amazing for freeride, as you can easily wedge the edges of your feet against them during slides. For downhill, they are a bit of a love/hate thing. I personally find they are great, as you can wedge your foot against them. Some people, however, may find the drop a bit restricting, as they do use a decent bit of the platform. The combination of the aggressive concave, radial drops, and extremely sharp edges make the board great for going fast, but can be hard on the feet for pushing and cruising. The board also features Rayne’s “3 Stage Rocker,” to help the rider known his or her foot placement at all times. This is extremely helpful, as it allows you to know where you are without having to look down at your board, and taking your eyes off the huge mountain in front of you.


With no modifications, the board is capable of running 75+ mm wheels on the 30 or 31 inch wheelbases. I personally was capable of running Rad Advantages with no problems on the 30? option. If you redrill (see below), you may encounter problems, as I am yet to run a wheel larger than 70mm with no wheelbite, without the use of risers. After much testing, I was able to run my Rad Advantages with 1/2 inch riser. The sharp edges of this board make predrifts a breeze, and allow you to ride without having to worry about foot slippage. The radial drops allow you to wedge the outside of your front foot, and remain perfectly still. The back drop also helps to know where your back foot is, and you can use it to ensure your back foot doesn’t slip off the board. If you are using the stock wheelbase options, pre-drifting may be required for corners that are normally grippable due to the longer wheelbase. I also found that foot breaking is a very viable say of slowing down/stopping before going into corners, if you wish not to pre-drift.


For all your flippy trick goodness, I highly recommend re-drilling the wheelbase and sending in wheel wells (keep in mind, this can harm the structural integrity of the board). At the same time, I’d recommend throwing on some 165-180mm trucks, and some <65mm wheels, such as Retro Bertz or Street Hawgs. If you choose to stay with the 30/31? wheelbases, I’d advise grabbing some 165mm trucks, as 180mms might seem a bit sluggish at slower speeds. The cutouts of the board give tons of wheel clearance, so you should have no problem with 165mm trucks.

The extremely light weight of the board, combined with the long kicks (given by the re-drill), allow for optimal freestyle abilities. The huge kicks ensure you will have no trouble kicking up the board, and the lightness of the board overall allow you to flip it around extremely easily. The smaller wheelbase will also make the board feel more agile at slower speeds, as freestyle is usually done under 15mph. The bamboo + fiberglass construction is not only very light, but also immensely durable!


Even with the stock wheelbases, I thoroughly enjoyed my time freeriding the Supreme. As I mentioned above, you can easily push your feet against the drops and feel very locked in. The extremely sharp edges (sharp enough to cut you) of the board also help to really keep you on your board, especially during heelside slides. I am personally a huge sucker for sharp edges, so the extremely sharp edges of this board were a huge purchase factor. The large platform that the Supreme has also makes moving around a breeze, and allows people with larger stances (me) to freeride comfortably.

With the stock 30 and 31 inch wheelbases, the kicktails are approximately 3.5 inches long, and sit at a relatively mellow angle. The low angle allows for easier ollie-ing, and other tricks which involving popping up the board. When redrilled, the kicktails were extremely long, close to 6.5? on the 25? option, and about 5? at the 27.5? option. The kicktails are extremely usable overall, and are more than capable of allowing you to attempt 360 shuvits, or even kickflips.


In my opinion, this is where the Supreme excels. The biggest turn off that the Supreme offers, in my opinion, is the seemingly long wheelbase. While 30 and 31 inch wheelbases are quite long compared to some boards of today’s trends, plenty of leverage can still be achieved over the trucks. I personally went ahead and “Fittered,” my Supreme, that is, redrilling the wheelbase and sanding in wheel wells. I redrilled my wheelbase options to 27?, as well as 25?. When redrilling, the trucks will be directly under the drops, so a 3 or 4* dewedge is necessary to retain the normal angle of your trucks. I highly recommend sanding in wheel wells to avoid wheelbite as well (Wear a mask, fiberglass is nasty stuff!). CAUTION: Making alterations to your board can cause problems to the structural integrity, and will void any warranty the board has.


If you still aren’t set on the Supreme, fret not! Remember how I said the Supreme is built in the same mold as the Amazon? Well so is the Rival! So if you want something that’s a bit smaller to begin with, the Rival is a great option. The wheelbases come in at 28/29?, but the effective foot platform and kicks are slightly smaller. I personally chose the Supreme over the Rival due to my large stance. Obviously, if you want a dropthrough speedboard, the Amazon is a sick choice. The new Piranha from Rayne is also a Mini-Amazon, so if the Amazon is too big, make sure to look at the Piranha! Make sure to pick up you’re “Mean-Cave” board from the homies over at Stoked!

Stoke out your friends!