Product Thrash: Fireball Scorch Wheels
Published at May 3, 2017 | Posted by Chris Ochoa

Product Thrash: Fireball Scorch 71mm Wheels

Words by Chris Ochoa


The Fireball Scorch is a perfectly centerset wheel that comes in three durometers: 81a, 84a, and 87a all of which are 71mm. The 81a durometer comes in white, 84a comes in red, and the 87a’s are black. Like other Fireball wheels, the Scorch has SlidePrepped™ technology, which means the contact patch is stone ground, which will give you great slides from that first time you put ‘em sideways. The entire face of the Scorch wheels has SlidePrepped™ tech as well. This means that it will keep sliding super smoothly as you wear the wheels down. The Scorch has rounded lips which means that they will slide easily as soon as you want them to. The rounded lips and size of this wheel make it ideal for freeride at both faster and lower speeds.

Scorch Wheels come in 3 durometers

The Scorch wheels are available in 3 durometers: 81a (white), 84a (red), and 87a (black).


One of the first things I noticed (that I hadn’t read online) is that the Scorch has the same graphic on BOTH sides! It’s great having a perfectly centerset wheel that you can flip the wheels and always have a graphic showing instead of having a blank wheel.

Scorch Wheels are perfectly symmetrical

The Scorch wheels are perfectly symmetrical.

The wheels come with a few goodies, too. Each set comes with a business card, stickers, and a secret prize. They also give you a heads up about what you can do to win some more Fireball gear, which is pretty easy and awesome. As soon as I took it to the street the first time, I was so grateful for the SlidePrepped™ finish! The first slides were great right out of the plastic without any of that jumpy, chattery, and noisy nonsense that you have to deal with when breaking in other freeride wheels. As I went riding them more, I did notice that the slides got a bit better and were even smoother; but comparing that to when I gave them that first slide, the difference wasn’t much- which is a great thing.


As I mentioned before, the transition from mailbox to fully broken-in isn’t that drastic. The wheels ride amazingly from the first time you try them, but do get a bit better as you go sliding ‘em. These wheels are super controllable and predictable when you’re busting out those slides. Hand-down slides are great and will keep you in control.

Now, onto the good stuff: standies! These wheels are amazing for stand-up slides! They break traction as soon as you decide to give them enough of that push, and only grip back up when you want them to (and you don’t even have to ask politely). This is where the 3 durometers come in for this wheel. After having bought all three duros, my personal favorite was the red 84a, though it was a close call with the black 87a duro. The 84a is a great medium when it comes to having that amazing control for those long slides and scrubbing speeds. The 87a duro will definitely have you sliding further, but will also not shave off as much speed when you slide, though they will slide a bit smoother at slower speeds… even though the 84a duro still does great when it comes to slower speeds.

The 81a duro is nice as well but since it is a bit grippier, you have to kick it out a bit more than the harder duros. I’d suggest it for really high-speed freeriding or when you want those thick white thane lines. Speaking of thane lines, these things are nice. The 81a leave thick pasty lines, especially if you’re riding fast. The 84a leave a nice, almost pink thane line which looks nice on any hill. Now, I never thought that black wheels could thane, but the black 84a Scorches leave light thane lines- not as strong as the other two duros, but it’s something!

Scorch Wheels core evenly

The supporting cores help wear down the urethane evenly.

Unfortunately, nice thane lines usually means you go through your wheels quickly. Check out the next section for a nice surprise...


Most of the time wheels that thane a lot wear out pretty fast; totally different with the Scorches. All three duros of this wheel have lasted me forever! Once they were getting near the core I went out for a session and told myself it was going to be a ‘coring sesh’ to kill these wheels. Little did I know they’d live to see another day. (See previous picture) This also has to do with the fact that since these wheels are centerset, I was rotating and flipping them as they wore down, which helps prolong the life on any set of wheels.

I’ve never had any of the Scorch duros chunk on me, even after I slid into a pothole. You might get a bit of oval in your wheels toward the end of their life, which is to be expected with any wheel if you ever messed up and slid 90° by mistake. I’ve never seriously flatspotted these wheels either, they’re pretty resistant to that. But if something were to happen to them, you’ll want to check out the next section.


The Scorch is definitely is one of my favorite wheels for freeriding and I’ll definitely picking them up again. My favorite is the 84a duro but pick up a couple duros and see what works for you! One thing I love about ALL Fireball products (not only the wheels) is that Fireball offers what they call the ‘Beastly Use Warranty’. “If you are riding hard and your Scorch wheels oval or flatspot, simply send them back and Fireball will give you 25% off your next set of Fireballs.” I haven’t had to send any wheels back, but the fact that they offer this is more than great. They’ll also shoot you a discount id you send them some pics of your cored wheels, so get to riding!

Scorch Wheels thane tremendously

Scorch wheels lay down thick thane lines.

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