Product Thrash: Abec 11 Pink Powerball
Published at Oct 29, 2014 | Posted by Nick Li

Product Thrash: Abec 11 Pink Powerball

Words by Nick Li - Stoked Team Rider

About the Powerball:

The Abec 11 Pink Powerball is a 72mm, offset core, round lip freeride oriented wheel that comes in both 78a (pink) and 81a (blue). These wheels are poured in Abec 11?s popular Classic Formula urethane and have a width of 45mm and a contact patch of 32mm which creates an easy transition from grip to slip when you want to kick out a slide. It should be mentioned that the Powerball is the same shape, core placement, and urethane as an Abec 11 72mm 78a Classic Freeride, but with pink colored urethane instead of the green (or 81a 72mm Classic Freeride in the case of the blue Powerballs). These wheels come with the skin on them (not pre-broken in).

Out of the Packaging:

Powerballs, like most wheels, come with the skin, or the shiny and smooth urethane layer that tends to be very grippy. Therefore, the wheels do take a bit of breaking in before they reach their true potential for freeride mayhem. It took me no more than 10 minutes of sliding to get them feeling nice and buttery though.

Fully broken in:

The Abec 11 Pink Powerball is an awesome freeride wheel that is very responsive to what you want it to do. When doing big slides at high speeds, it isn’t a super icy wheel, nor does it kill off speed too quickly. Slides are long and buttery with a good amount of control, but easy enough to throw around for a beginner to learn on. They are a great wheel for technical runs as well as straight haul-ass freeride hills. Oh did I mention they paint the hills white with thane lines? That being said, they aren’t the most durable wheel on the market, but they are certainly worth the price in fun.

Roll Speed:

Powerballs are pretty decently fast wheels, although they are not within the realm of downhill race wheels, they can hold their own. I have no complaints with their speed and I have never heard anyone griping about them being slow.


When wheels dump thane all over the road, you can already consider them a fast wearing wheel. Urethane lines are literally the material of the wheel being ground off the wheel, so the darker, the faster your wheels are probably wearing. The Powerball is of an average lifespan for freeride wheels. If you’re just starting out sliding, they could last you years! If you’re a dedicated freerider who likes big hills and fast slides, they won’t last you nearly as long. Abec 11 Classic urethane is known for wearing fast, but being hard to top in terms of fun. The wear is pretty even, and it wore well all the way to the core.

Concluding thoughts:

The Pink Powerball is a really good choice for a mid-range priced freeride wheel. It is a crowd favorite and staple wheel of many seasoned freeriders. They really do make a great all around wheel that could handle nearly any situation you could throw at them from technical back-alleyways or neighborhood runs, to fast mountain road freeriding; the only thing they don’t really excel at is gripping turns!

Head on over to the shop and pick up a set of buttery goodness for yourself, Stay STOKED!

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