10 Awesome Foreign Brands

published at Feb 26, 2015 | Posted by Jonathan King
Longboarding is one of those sports that crosses boundaries and tears down barriers. It's not a coincidence that people everywhere love to skate. We may not always agree on what's cool, and styles may differ by region, but at the end of the day something as simple as a piece of wood is enough to bring us together. I think most of us understand how powerful that is. So let's take a quick trip aroun... More

10 Rad Longboard Brands You've Never Heard Of

published at Jan 16, 2015 | Posted by Jonathan King
Modern longboarding is in a really cool place right now. Once just a small band of rebels seeking an individuality and freedom of expression that even the mainstream skateboard scene no longer provided, it's now a growing movement of creativity and camaraderie. ... More

The Longboarder's Bucket List

published at Jan 4, 2015 | Posted by Jonathan King
Everyone should have a list of things they want to do before they kick the bucket. Here is our list for the die hard longboarders out there. Get stoked!... More

The Importance of Helmets

published at Nov 2, 2014
Life is full of risks. When skateboarding, most of us generally accept the fact that we are exposing ourselves to a greater risk than normal. Yet most of us, obviously, find skateboarding worthwhile enough where the benefits outweigh the risks. Many people will forgo the use of a helmet purely out of laziness, and yet others because they think it looks bad, or implies timidness. Regardless of wh... More

Pete Eubank - The Caliber Standard Truck

published at Nov 3, 2013
Stoked sat down with Pete Eubank from Caliber Trucks to discuss the latest launch, the Caliber Standard. Pete is a long time skateboarder and all around rad dude. He is the founder of Yeehaw! Yeehaw! specializes in downhill skateboarding apparel and stickers. ... More
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