The Ultimate Longboard Truck Guide

published at Jul 24, 2015 | Posted by Tristan Burke, Thomas D’Anieri, Ryan Maffioli and David Rajewski
Anyone who has even ridden a skateboard knows how important trucks are. Trucks hold the wheels to the deck and allow riders to turn. No skateboard (regardless how long or short it is) is complete without a set of trucks. But don't just toss any pair on a board! There are many distinct features that vary from truck to truck; each of which will change your ride drastically. ... More

LDP Bushing Set Ups Explained

published at Nov 3, 2014 | Posted by David Rajewski
Setting up the bushing in a long distance pumping board can be incredibly tricky, especially for someone just getting into the sport. In this article, I explain how to best set up your board for the most amount of bushing rebound and turn. This is tried and true for myself, but like any article on here, we are open to suggestions, comments, and other feedback. Please contact us with questions or y... More

Truck Baseplate Angles - Turn vs. Lean

published at Nov 1, 2014 | Posted by David Rajewski
If you're looking to pick up a set of trucks, you've probably asked yourself which baseplate to buy. The brand of truck you want probably comes in several different baseplates and you have to make a choice among two or more. This article, without getting too techy, will explain the geometry of a longboard truck. We then get techy for all those who want to learn more (you overachiever you!).... More
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