Why Bearing Spacers Really Matter

published at Nov 2, 2014 | Posted by Nick Li
Have you ever wondered why you can't tighten your truck axle nuts all the way down without making your wheels unable to spin? Ever tried to slide a board and the wheels just won't stop chattering and screeching? Has your wheel ever popped off your board while sliding? Well, if your answer to any of those questions is yes, it sounds like you could really use a set of bearing spacers! The bearing... More

What Makes a Swiss Bearing Swiss?

published at Nov 2, 2014
What are you actually buying when you pick up a pack of Swiss Skateboard Bearings? We were wondering the same thing, so we did some research. If you’ve read our other articles on bearings, you’ll know that ABEC does not specifically apply to skateboarding. It’s actually a measure of precision within the bearing. Skateboard bearings get dirty the second they touch the ground and that precisio... More

Everything About Longboard Bearings

published at Nov 2, 2014 | Posted by David Rajewski
Learn everything you need to know about skateboard bearings in this article from Stoked Skateboards. Knowing the different parts of a bearing will assist you in making a more informed decision when selecting your first or next set of bearings. Just about every bearing out there has a slight variation from the next. However, with the exception of ceramic and/or six balls, these variations do not dr... More

Clean Longboard Bearings CORRECTLY

published at Oct 24, 2014
Cleaning bearings can be an intimidating task. The bearings are probably the smallest components to your skateboard and the most easily destroyed when being taken apart. Make sure you use the right kinds of lubes and cleaners so you stay stoked. This video from Ben Curtis of RatVision shows how to clean bearings CORRECTLY. ... More
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