Product Thrash: Abec 11 Centerset Freerides 81A
Published at Oct 29, 2014 | Posted by John Lauer

Product Thrash: Abec 11 Centerset Freerides 81A

Words by John Lauer - Stoked Team Rider

Wheels Reviewed: 72mm/81a Abec 11 Freerides

General Overview:

These wheels were designed by Abec 11 to be used for strictly freeride. They come with the mold release intact, are 72mm tall, and have a 39mm contact patch. The Freerides feature Abec 11’s classic thane formula, which is designed to shed thane and slide smoothly. This urethane is very buttery, and will leave bright thane lines on the road. These wheels have round lips which help the wheel to break out and slide more easily. The rounded lips also help to prevent high-siding.

Out of the Box:

Abec 11 Freerides do not come pre-broken in out of the box. They have the shiny film of urethane surrounding the wheel. The shiny film, or mold release, makes the first few slides loud and noisy. I advise simply cruising around on the wheels in order to remove the mold release naturally, but it only takes about 10 to 20 minutes to break these wheels in through sliding. Once you’ve worn down the first mm or two, they will start sliding as they were intended.

Broken in:

Once broken in, these wheels are very fun to slide on. They are predictable, and you know exactly when the wheels are going to loose traction. The rounded lips allow for quick, easy, and predictable slides. Because of the rounded lips, the urethane is much less likely to catch on the pavement, and result in high-siding. Abec 11 Freerides are buttery and leave a ton of thane on the ground. However, they still slide far and don’t shed too much speed. These wheels allow for long slides, while maintaining control the whole time.

Other Info:

Abec 11 freerides have a great roll speed, even with the super buttery urethane! When they start out at 72mm, the top speed of the wheel is at it’s climax, due to the wheel reaching it’s maximum height. As the wheels wear down, the top speed of the wheel becomes slower, but the acceleration of the wheel increases.

Since the wheel is centerset, flipping the wheel will have no affect on the slide, and maximizes the life of the wheel. Because flipping the wheel significantly helps with consistent wheel wear, coring them is made easier.


I was pleasantly surprised by the life of these wheels. For the amount of thane produced, they last a very long time. They also maintain their shape very well throughout their life. It wasn’t too hard to keep these wheels round all the way to the core. The wheels showed no signs of chunking, and with the centerset core (also check out Butterballs); you are able to flip the wheels to prevent coning. The Freerides are very forgiving, and are decently resilient to flatspots. It is only after repeated 90 degree slides that these wheels will start to oval/flatspot. If you are not good at holding out slides at a pre-90 degree angle, these wheels may not be the best choice for you. They will become unrideable before they come close to reaching the core.

Concluding thoughts:

Abec 11 Freerides are a great choice for a freeriding wheel! They have a buttery smooth slide and leave a ton of thane on the ground. The durability was better than expected, and they will certainly last a while. Up to date, these have been my favorite wheel for freeriding so far. Make sure to pick yourself up a set over at Stoked.

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