Don't Trip Mollys (Single Truck)

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Don't Trip Mollys (Single Truck)

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About Don't Trip Mollys (Single Truck)

The most precise turning freeride and downhill truck is here. Don't Trip Trucks have quickly become one of the leading precision trucks manufacturer in the market, selling trucks all over the world. Mollys are, hands down, one of the best all around longboard trucks out there, and much more affordable than most other precision trucks, especially when taking into the account all the features Mollys offer. Mollys take precision trucks to a whole new level with features such as adjustable baseplates, Kore spherical bushings, and adjustable axle widths.

Which to Choose!?

Mollys are available in three different widths, all adjustable with the included spacers: 125-131-137-143mm, 152-158-164-170mm, and 162-168-174-180mm. Like most everything else in skateboarding and longboarding, width choice will come down to personal preference. However, as with all other trucks, each size rides a bit differently. The smallest width option will turn sharper, while, at the other end, the widest width option will turn wider and provide a bit more stability when reaching really high speeds. And, as you might expect, the 152mm hanger will strike a happy medium and, in fact, is the most popular size among skaters.

Special Features

Don't Trip Mollys are already made of CNC'd goodness, but also include a few unique attributes that further make this truck stand out from the rest. Molly hangers include a Riptide Kore Spherical Bushing. The spherical bushing - which is in Riptide's APS formula in a 95a durometer - hugs the kingpin and and further improves the turning capabilities and rebound coming out of turns.

Never skimping out on anything, Don't Trip's Mollys include Riptide 96a pivot cups in their self-lubricating WFB formula. The unique WFB formula allows for the smoothest turning you'll ever experience.

A staple in many Don't Trip trucks, Mollys include adjustable baseplates. With an easy-to-use system, adjusting the baseplate to exact degree allows you to get your trucks to perform precisely how you want them to. With adjustable baseplates, there is no more concern of being stuck with a fixed-angle baseplate that can only be adjusted with angled risers which can add unnecessary height to your setup. Mollys are adjustable from 30-55°, allowing you to easily run different angle on your front and your rear truck.


  • Width: Three adjustable angle options: 125-131-137-143mm, 152-158-164-170mm, and 162-168-174-180mm
  • Bushing Type and Durometer: (1) 90a and (1) 95 Riptide APS Tall Barrel
  • Axle Size: 8mm
  • Rake: Yes, 3mm
  • Baseplate Degree(s): 30-55°
  • Kingpin Style: Reverse Kingpin (RKP)
  • Special Features: Precision at its best with every feature included to make this truck the best it can be.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Don't Trip
Set Product as New from Date Apr 1, 2017
Set Product as New to Date Jun 30, 2017
Poppy SP No
Axle 8mm
Poppy XL No
Pivot Option No

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